Sunday, April 13, 2014

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Song Playing // P!nk/Try

Time for an update. First we have the cover for Sailor Moon Crystal Tokyo. I drew this over a year ago but finally got around to coloring it. Sailor Star Fighter lands in Crystal Tokyo to find a younger Sailor Moon she doesn't quite recognize. I took the idea from Action Comics #252.


Helix Studios Comics issue #3 staring Jake Foster is next. He's doing quite the messy paint job.


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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Song Playing // Wham/Careless Whisper

Started this piece like 3 weeks ago and finally getting around to posting it now. I love the Multiverse so it's only fitting I create a mock up comic cover. This issue features Supergirl and Batgirl of the DCAU earth. Some kind of explosion is going on and Supergirl saves Batgirl from falling.


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Song Playing // Sheryl Crow/My Favourite Mistake

I have been reading a lot of X-Men recently and I am particularly liking the new series featuring all of the women. I decided to draw Storm and play around with the material on her costume trying to give it a shiny leather effect. If I get the time I might do other members.


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Song Playing // f(x)/Step

Been quite a while since I'd done any gay porn art so I got around to making some over the past two days. Since I love doing comic cover mock ups I thought it would be fun to covers for porn studio Helix. The first issue features Roman Daniels sitting on a couch showing off his big boymeat. The second issue features Andy Taylor who was a little harder to draw. He has like 3 different styles of hair he does so it was kinda hard choosing which one to do. I will most likely do more featuring other models from the company soon.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Song Playing // September/Baksmälla (feat. Petter)

Done a few more pieces of art the last few weeks. Elseworlds stuff mostly as per usual. The first issue of Generations/Earth-3898 4 I finally got around to doing. Takes places in 1999 and features Superman and Clark Wayne Knightwing.


I got in a Catwoman mood shortly after that and designed a Catwoman and Catwoman II for the earth-3898 universe.

. earth-G male Star Sapphire Lantern was next on the list. When I get around to coloring him I'm gonna make him quite tan. I messed up on his right hand in the first drawing but too lazy to fix it.


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Monday, July 22, 2013

Song Playing // Miley Cyrus/We Can't Stop

Well I finally got my old PC working so I've been scanning some drawings and coloring.

I wanted to do some Elseworlds stuff. I did a front, side and back view of Generations/Earth-3898 Supergirl and Earth-11 Superlad.

. .

After doing those I had an idea to do a Generations 4 six issue comic book cover series featuring different characters in different years. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for the first issue so I did issues two and three. Issue two has Superboy in 1926 being visited by his future daughter Supergirl from 1965. The third issue features Robin II (Bruce Wayne Jr) in 1967.

. .

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Song Playing // Marina And The Diamonds/Radioactive

Man it has been forever since I have updated this blog. Thing is I've got a mac now and no scanner to scan the drawings I've done in the last year and a bit. I've taken some pictures of drawings that I've done which will have to suffice until I get my PC back up and running or a scanner that can work with a Mac.

. . .

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Friday, January 20, 2012

U and I

Song Playing // Сергей Лазарев/Can't Let You Go

I've been meaning to update this for a while but haven't had the time. Some more Sailor Moon Crystal Tokyo stuff. First is a cover for the 4th issue. Neo-Sailor Moon being infatuated with Perle. I'll be throwing in Helios later on for some drama. Second is a comic page I did with a shitty marker. Sailor Uranus is off to get Michiru from Nemesis. Sailor Venus comes to help Uranus.


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Thursday, December 8, 2011

pop diva

Song Playing // 浜崎あゆみ/Life 「Live @ Music Station」

My comic book cover project for Sailor Moon Crystal Tokyo is coming along quite well. I've done the second and third covers in the last 3 days which is impressive for me since I am usually really busy. On the cover of the second issue Sailor Uranus is being attacked by Pikachu looking chupacabras from The Black Moon Clan. The third issue has Neo-Queen Serenity with her mother Ikuko and Chibi-Usa picking flowers when Sailor Moon from the past appears. If I really will have the time to draw the comics is a good question. I'll just be doing the covers for now.


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Saturday, November 5, 2011

been a while

Song Playing // BoA/Look Who's Talking

It's been forever since I had the time to post some artwork and I've got a pile of stuff I've been doing. I've been furthering my Titans of Earth-G. I created this Wonder Boy character almost 10 years ago and he's gone through some changes along the way. I decided to do a design of how he looks now that I've updated my idea of him. Below are the two drawings I did of him and how it looks.


Then I wanted to create a Mer-boy version of Aqualad for the team. He on land of course will have legs as the first picture shows. The second one is just a drawing I did of him in the water with his tail.


Then I designed the Earth-G version of what Power Girl will look like. The costume itself is very New Gods looking. The second is a drawing I actually did about a year ago and I'm not too sure why I didn't post it. My Ajay character in his uniform he will be wearing and his swords. This is the first time I have drawn him in his uniform as I had no idea how I wanted it to look.


I also did a few Storm drawings while at work not long ago. First is her with her 80s mohawk look. Second is her in her Wonder Woman costume.


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This ride

Song Playing // Britney Spears/Everybody

I've had some down time at work recently so I did some portraits of all the women to take the title of Wonder Woman. The first is of course Diana the first Wonder Woman in her final outfit. The second to take the title is Artemis. The third is Diana's mother Hippolyta. I wanted to make her look like she is about 45 years old and I tried my best to make her look like Despina Vandi. The fourth is a grown up version of Cassie Sandsmark when shes an evil version of Wonder Woman. I might turn them into a four series comic cover set.



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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Make Way!

Song Playing // Natalie Merchant/My Skin

Here is a project I got around to doing. My comic book cover for Sailor Moon Crystal Tokyo. First is the backgroundless image and the second is the final cover.


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Monday, February 28, 2011

hurts my soul

Song Playing // Christina Aguilera/Walk Away

Happy 3 years at this blog!! It seems to have gone so fast and I think I have grown as an artist in that time. First piece is page one of my Linda Danvers Superwoman comic. Her daughter Ariella is in space and the rest will be explained. The second is a piece I did for a client for valentines day. The character was designed by someone else and I was told to use her in a "revenge" type valentines day theme.


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